Merging Spirituality & Success Principles

"Students of Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and Joel Goldsmith, (and other spiritual teachers) take note. You’ll want to add this book of Alan Sullivan’s to your must-read list. I bought this as a Kindle, but I plan to buy it as a paperback: it’s the kind of book that you can open to any page to get recharged." Tracy Miller

"A Captivating Book Filled wth Intriguing Information." Rachel K

"The principles listed in “Peak Performance” are easy to understand and memorize and yet sophisticated enough that you probably won’t stumble upon them all by yourself. I recommend it if you’re looking for a book to help you make some sense of who you are and how you should live your life." Rev. Stephen R. Wilson

"An emotionally intelligent, wholly enlightening, thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable book. A book one will want to read again and again." James Taylor-Loftus, Dip.EH.P.NLP

Awaken & Achieve

"Develop performance and habits that will allow you to live a happy and healthy life. The best part about this book that I loved so much was the fact that the author brought in information from multiple different perspectives including psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality." Celeste L

"This book contains everything you will ever need to get your life together. I have learnt that there is more to my lack of achievement than a lack of discipline including my daily routine, my sleep schedule and much more. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels stagnant and wants to move forward in life." Christine Lough

"Whatever I can do to help progress on this journey I am on, I will do. I believe this book has helped me identify different habit patterns I can put into my life to help me achieve my goals. I hope it can help you too! Charlie Latham


"So Much More than a Self Help Book." Amy Koller

This book is very empowering, insightful and practical. There are many nuggets of wisdom in here on how to become more positive and mentally stronger. Priyanka Athavale

"The lesson like format in which the author introduces the theme to the readers makes it an easy read and will have you pumped up to face any adversity in life." Stephen R Wilson

"During the reading, I felt relaxation and peace... I got relief. I believe that everyone should acquire and read 'Peak Performance (Invincible),' it will help you change your outlook and attitude to the world around you and people." Anastasilia

Personal Power

In Alan’s accessible and inspiring book he teaches us how to become the best being we can be through strands brought together from neuroscience, positive psychology, spirituality, personal development and strategic planning.  Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top Reviewer

This is a book with an earnest desire to help the reader. I particularly liked the questions that are at the end of each chapter to help the reader reflect over the chapter and their own lives. The book provides a lot of really insightful and helpful advice and information that is inspiring and energizing to read. I really enjoyed reading this book and think that it is a great resource. Emerson Rose Craig

It offers the reader the opportunity to really re-evaluate their life, and the role that they play in it.It's a super uplifting read, and a great gift to give to anyone you know that might need a bit of a pick me up! Highly recommended. M. Hoffman

This book is one of the best I have read in 2019... a powerful tool to get the most out of your day and your life. I recommend it 100%. Anamaria Aguirre Chourio


Words of wisdom everyone needs. Jo Jo Maxwell

A great resource if you have a desire to improve your life's focus and productivity. Unlike most self-help books that dishes out advice in a one-sided manner, the guidebook contains many leading questions that help the reader to go through a thorough process of self-assessment and evaluation. Faith Lee

Peak Performance!!: Attention is a quick, but very good self-help book (that) really spoke to me. It has helped me be more aware of where I am giving my time and evaluating my priorities. Corrie M.

Peak Performance: Attention deals with the notion, that we are too often just living our lives on autopilot and with that, we miss opportunities to take action to correct something, or we miss opportunities to better ourselves. Broken into two parts, the book will help you know yourself better and then help you identify and make the changes you need to start paying attention to in every facet of your life. J Armstrong


The book has too many lessons to abound in, but one of my favorites was to forgive our past for enjoying our present. The author felt very authentic, and the examples and proposal of daily habits felt earthy and doable (none of that: you need to meditate alone in a corner for 2 hours per day). Most of all was pure common sense arranged eloquently. Highly recommended. Lorenza Seldner

This is a well written book, with a light conversational tone which makes the subject matter approachable and possible to implement into your life. The book draws largely on Buddhist principles, whittling it down to become an accessible, understandable process and way of thinking. Highly recommend. V.E. Amazon VINE VOICE

I have to say that two words come to mind in my response to this book: motivation and inspiration. This is one book that I will have to hold onto for those days in the future when I need to stop and refresh! Sara N McIntosh

This book will help you identify your core purpose, your values, your strengths as well as your weaknesses and how to work with them to turn them into strengths. Learning how to feel good about yourself, how to make good decisions (not ones simply based on a reactionary way of thinking), as well as how to sleep better are only a few of the topics covered in this book. You could get this information in other books, but it is all here in one easy to understand book, waiting for you to discover it. J Armstrong

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